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Will COVID Speed Dynamic Creative Technology Adoption?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, we’ve seen major brands that have traditionally relied on OOH and mass/traditional media, such as TV and print, shift their budgets to digital. Driven by fear of continually plummeting retail sales, companies are cutting their “brand” budgets in favor of “performance marketing” budgets. Thanks to a rise in…

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5 Writing Tips for Non-Writers

Writing is a powerful skill to have. Unfortunately, there’s a dirty little secret most copywriters know, but almost everyone else… well, doesn’t. The writing you learned in school is practically useless. Well, unless you’re working in academia, that is. For twelve, sixteen, and for some of us twenty years, we’re taught how to write long,…

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3 Changes in the B2B Buyer Profile and What it Means for You

Ask any marketer what the most mission-critical task for any internal marketing organization is and you’re likely to get a similar response: understand the customer. By understanding consumer trends, motivations, and needs, we’re better equipped as marketers to craft resonant messages, identify the appropriate channels, and build comprehensive, and perhaps most importantly, profitable campaigns. The…

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Storytelling – From the Ashes: Stories of Redeption

Telling stories is one of my favorite things to do. It’s what has endeared me to marketing for most of my career! Several months ago, I had the pleasure of telling a fun, personal story at Arc Stories to a few hundred of my closest friends. About my time in middle school, it tells the story of how I found an unlikely ally when I needed one most.

You can listen to my telling of the story live on the Arc Stories website by clicking here.